Bill Payment Agreement and Disclosure

This Agreement and Disclosure provides information about Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union and Divisions' OnlineAccess bill payment service.

For the purpose of this agreement, "I", "me", and "mine" shall refer to each Member who is eligible and signs up for OnlineAccess bill payment. "You" or "Credit Union" shall refer to Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union and it's Division credit unions where the Member has the accounts accessed through OnlineAccess. All references to time of day in this Agreement and Disclosure refer to Central Time. OnlineAccess bill payment is an additional feature of OnlineAccess, which is explained in the "Online Agreement and Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure", available online via the OnlineAccess web site.

    A. Definitions
    "ACH" or "Automated Clearing House" is a secure payment processing system used by the banking industry to move electronic payments between financial institutions.

    "Due date" is the date my vendor or payee has designated that the funds are due them. I must allow at least 3 business days for electronic payments or 5 business days for check method payees between this date and the "processing date" I enter into the system.

    "FIS" is the agent the Credit Union employs to complete my bill payment instructions. The Credit Union reserves the right to substitute agents and will advise me how to contact the substitute agent as necessary.

    "Processing date" is the date you enter for the payment to be made. On this date, FIS will send the payment to your payee and generate an ACH debit to your checking account at the Credit Union. This debit will appear in your checking account within two business days.

    B. Bill Payments
    Bill payment amounts are limited to $9,999.00 each. I understand that the third party processor has established this limit and that if I enter a larger amount, it will not be accepted.

    All payments I make through OnlineAccess bill payment service will be deducted from my designated checking account. Any payee I wish to pay through OnlineAccess must be payable in U.S. Dollars. Each payee must appear on the payee list I create with you and the account I am paying should be in my name. I may not use OnlineAccess to make payments to a federal, state or local government or tax unit, or to other categories of payee that you may establish from time to time.

    I understand sufficient time must be allowed for the payee to receive and process the payment before the payment due date (the due date shown on my invoice or provided in my agreement with payee, not taking into account any grace period provided by the payee). If I do not allow sufficient time, I will assume full responsibility for all late fees, finance charges, or other actions taken by payee. IMPORTANT: I understand that, when possible, payments will be made electronically; however due to my vendor or payee's requirement, some will be made by check. I will allow at least 3 business days between processing date and due date for electronic payments and at least 5 business days for check payments. The Credit Union is not liable for any service or late charges levied against me.

    The Credit Union is responsible only for exercising ordinary care in making payments upon my authorization and for mailing or sending a payment to the designated merchant in accordance with Section C of the Agreement and Disclosure. The Credit Union is not liable for any damages I incur if I do not have sufficient funds in my account to make the payment on the processing date, if the estimated time to allow for delivery to the payee is inaccurate, if I provide incomplete or incorrect payee information, or due to delays in mailing delivery, changes of merchant address or account number, the failure of any merchant to account correctly for the payment in a timely manner, or for any other circumstance beyond the control of the Credit Union.

    I understand, if I do not have sufficient funds in my account (NSF), the ACH debit will be returned via banking channels. The ACH return will prompt the system to block my bill payment account for up to 5 days, preventing me from making more bill payments until the NSF condition is resolved. Any future dated recurring payments scheduled for release during the time the account is blocked will not be sent. I also understand that I will be charged an NSF fee for each instance of insufficient funds return. I further understand that, in the event of an NSF, I am responsible for contacting the Credit Union at (877) 325-CU4U to make arrangements for the payment or to reschedule it through OnlineAccess Bill Pay after I have properly funded my account and have been advised that my bill pay privileges have been restored. Insufficient available funds will prevent me from making more payments until resolved. The Credit Union is not responsible to notify me if there are not sufficient available funds in my account. Additionally, I understand that if I exceed 6 separate incidents/dates of NSF bill payments, FIS may cancel all bill payment privileges.

    I authorize you, and any third-party acting on your behalf, to choose the most effective method to process my payments. I will receive a transaction confirmation number for each properly instructed payment. Unless I receive a confirmation number, you shall not be liable for any failure to make a payment.

    The Credit Union reserves the right to refuse to make any payments, but you will notify me of any such refusal within three (3) business days following receipt of my payment process date.

    C. Transaction Modes and Process Dates
    Payments from my credit union accounts may be processed in two ways:

    "Single" - If I designate a bill payment as a "single" transaction, it can be processed as early as the next business day and sufficient available funds must be available at the time I request the transaction. "Single" payments may be canceled up to 9:00 p.m. of the day before the processing date. Refer to Section D of this agreement on how to delete or edit an authorized payment. Single payments must be properly entered into the system by 8:00 p.m. on a Credit Union business day in order to be processed that day. If any payment instructions are received after this time or on a non-business day, the payment will be processed the following business day.

    "Recurring" - I may designate a payment as a "Recurring " transaction (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual), in order to pay the same amount to the same merchant or account at the indicated time in the future. These payments will continue until I delete the payment instruction or until the ending date that I entered when the instruction was established. The processing date will be the effective date I entered, or the next business day should the effective date fall on a weekend or holiday. Sufficient funds must be available by 8:00 p.m. of the night of the processing date, but will be deducted from my account by ACH approximately one to two days after the processing date. "Recurring " transactions may be deleted or edited up to 9:00 p.m. of the night of the processing date.

    D. Deleting or Editing OnlineAccess Authorized Payments
    Bills are either Pending or Processed. When a bill has been processed, the amount for that bill has been prepared for payment. Bills that are pending are those that haven't been processed. You may modify or cancel a pending payment, as the payment process has not begun. You may not modify or cancel a payment that is processed. For questions regarding payments that are "processed", I must contact the Credit Union at (877) 325-CU4U.

    E. Fees
    Online bill pay service is free of charge to all members. The Credit Union reserves the right to change the service terms or fee and will notify me at my last known address or by email.

    F. Errors and Questions
    In case of errors or questions about my bill payment transactions, I should first telephone the Credit Union at (877) 325-CU4U or write you at 1001 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118. I must do this within 60 days of discovering the error. I will need to tell you:

    1. My name and account number;
    2. Why I believe there is an error and the dollar amount involved;
    3. Approximately when the error took place.

    If I tell you orally, you may require that I send my complaint or question in writing within 10 business days. You will tell me the results of your investigation within 10 business days and correct any error promptly. If you need more time, you may take up to 45 days to investigate, but I will have the use of the funds in question after the 10 days. If you determine that there was no error, you will send me a written explanation within 3 business days after you complete your investigation.

    G. Business Day and Time
    The Credit Union's business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on the holidays it elects to remain closed. All references to time are understood to be Central Time.

    H. Other Terms and Conditions
    The Credit Union is not responsible for any loss, injury or damages, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, caused by the Internet Provider, any related software, or the Credit Union's OnlineAccess, including bill payment, or the use thereof or arising in any way out of the installation, use or maintenance of my personal computer hardware, software or other equipment.

    If I cancel my OnlineAccess bill payment subscription, then I agree to notify you at that time. I will be responsible for all payment instructions made prior to termination and for all other applicable charges and fees. I will cancel all outstanding payment orders before notifying you to terminate this service.

    This agreement, any separate instructions, and the applicable fees and charges may be amended by you in the future. In the event of amendment, you shall send notice to me either by mail to my last known address or transmit such notice of the amendment over the OnlineAccess service. My use of the OnlineAccess bill payment service following the receipt of such notice constitutes acceptance of such amendment.

    The Credit Union reserves the right to terminate my use of the Bill Payment service, in whole or part, at any time without prior notice.

    This Bill Payment Agreement and Disclosure shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Missouri.

    Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union and Divisions
    1001 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118
    (314) 771-7700 ext. 842 or (877) 325-CU4U