Effective March 1, 2017

Rates, and terms and conditions subject to change without notice on new loans. Loan rates shown reflect our best rates. Rates are based on loan underwriting factors and may be higher based on individual underwriting. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.


(1&2) Minimum loan for 75 month term is $15,000: for 84 month term is $25,000. Term and rates on secured loans are dependent upon the age of the security and mileage on the collateral. Some restrictions may apply. (3) Minimum loan amount $500. 


No annual fee; 25 day grace period on purchases if payment is made in full by due date. See application for complete terms and conditions. (1) Rates may vary with the market based on the Prime Rate quoted in the Wall Street Journal.  The Prime Rate plus the margin equal the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The margin will be based on creditworthiness. APR can change on the first day of the billing cycle in the month following a change in the Prime Rate. We will use the Prime Rate as of the 15th day of the month before the month of any APR adjustment. (2) Minimum $500 limit.


Rates effective March 16, 2017

*Introductory rate is applicable for first twelve months following open date. After this introductory period, APR is based on the Prime Rate plus or minus a margin based on underwriting & loan-to-value (LTV). APR may vary with Prime Rate after account opening; Floor = 2.0%, Cap = 15.0%. Loan features 10-year draw & 15-year repayment period. Current 3.50%APR reflects best rate available based on less than 80% LTV & individual creditworthiness. Equity limits & underwriting requirements vary by state. Home equity lines of credit are not available to residents of Texas; Choice Home Equity loans are available to qualifying members in all states. Due to geographic limitations, these loans may not be available to members not living near a branch office.

**Based on your credit score and loan to value, your rate may be higher. Assume monthly payments per $1,000 borrowed; 80% combined loan-to-value: 60 payments of $18.99; 120 payments of $10.98; 180 payments of $8.58. Maximum 80% of fair market value for Texas. Equity loans over $100,000 require an appraisal.


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Share Deposit Rates

Rates effective March 21, 2017- March 27, 2017

APY -- Annual Percentage Yield -- assumes principal and interest/dividends remain on deposit for the entire year. Withdrawals will reduce earnings on the account.
ADB = Average Daily Balance.
1) Interest and dividends are paid and compounded monthly based on the average daily balance on all accounts except the Money Market Account. 2) A $5 fee is assessed if the average daily balance falls below $500. 3) Money Market Account interest is compounded daily and paid monthly. 4) Penalty for early withdrawal from certificates. See "Truth-in-Savings Disclosure" for further information. Minimum balance is $500 for Junior Account Program, Financial Youth Group and Young Adult Financial Group certificates. *minimum does not apply to IRA products 5) After issue date, rate may adjust twice during the term. Term is divided into three equal periods and rate adjusts on anniversary date of each subsequent period. Rate will adjust to current rate for like fixed rate certificate term less a margin (.10% for 36 months; .25% for 60 months). Rate may increase or decrease, but will never be lower than rate earned on issue date. 6) Penalty for early withdrawal from certificates. See "Truth and Savings Disclosure" for further information. Gold Member Merit rates available to accounts with household relationship of $25,000 or more in loan and deposit balances. 7) Penalty for early withdrawal. See "Truth-in-Savings Disclosure" for further information. 8) Earn and Learn available to members up through age 21.

*Variable Rate IRA certificates available only for Traditional IRAs.