Making loan payments is quick, easy and secure via OnlineAccess as well as via the ABECU/SWBC Loan Payment Center.

To make a loan payment via OnlineAcces, simply login to your ABECU account and select "Move Money" and "Make a Transfer". Here you can transfer funds from your ABECU savings or checking accounts to your loan account. It’s free and easy!

Pay Your CU Loan via OnlineAccess:
To make a payment from another financial institution to your loan account at the credit union, simply login to your ABECU account and select "Move Money" and "Pay Your CU Loan".*

External Account Transfer via OnlineAccess:
With the External Account Transfer function, you can set up transfers from an account at another financial institution to be made as payments to your ABECU loan account.*

ABECU/SWBC Loan Payment Center:
Login to the SWBC Loan Payment Center and make payments from a savings or checking account at another financial institution or with a non-ABECU credit card.

Loan Payment Coupons: Click here to download loan payment coupons to print and mail to the credit union.

*Payments to ABECU credit card accounts cannot be made through Pay Your CU Loan or directly through External Transfers. With External Transfers, funds from another financial institution must be transferred to a deposit account and then, in turn, transferred to the credit union credit card account using the "Make a Transfer" function in "Move Money".